Saturday, September 13, 2008

crazy week.

To say that it has been a crazy week is the understatement of the year. Monday started off with bad news, a death of my friend's husband, who left behind three young daughters, one of whom turned two on Tuesday. September 11th was my birthday, my twin's birthday, my cousin's birthday, and the birth of my first maternity client's baby! Baby A was born around 3 pm!

All this and more. On Monday, I got a text from my twin's boyfriend: "what size ring does Jen wear?" Me: "Why? :)" and then of course I gave him my best guess. I knew what he was planning, and I must say that Ron was very brave to ask me because he should know that I have a hard time keeping secrets from her. (We usually tell each other EVERYTHING.)
Ron asked my parents for their blessing a few days later, and today he proposed!!!! I'm so excited for them both, and I will be taking some photos of them as soon as they come out to visit. It was the perfect happy ending to such an otherwise terrible week.

Love you two!!! Congrats!

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