Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why teachers are frustrated.

I shouldn't be feeling like this already, this early in the school year.  Especially with the class I have- they are fantastic!  I couldn't be happier!  I just wish I were allowed to teach students what they need to learn without being a robot.  I'm sorry, you could program a robot to read from a teacher's manual, and make copies from my adopted series. 
The human part comes in when I recognize a need, and I know how to fill in the gaps.  When a kid asks a question, and instead of reciting some answer, I SHOW them; TEACH them how to figure it out by themselves. 
My goal is to create a desire to learn.  My goal is to help kids discover ways to help themselves.  It's really hard to be told that I'm not allowed to fill in the GIANT gaps missing from my core curriculum.  Then when test scores ultimately come back, and the kids are missing things, (oh, and they will be if I'm only allowed to teach my from my curriculum guide) it comes down to ME.  Not my curriculum, not the people "in charge" who tell me how to teach my students, not the parents, not the kids themselves, but me. 
I really need to start my own business.  

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Fizzah Raza said...

You're a teacher! Me too :) I completely understand what you mean...school starts on 9/13 and we are in the midst of 10 days of PDs this past week and next week. As the years have gone by I've felt the pressure more and more to "teach to the test" but at the end of the day, I feel like I make the most difference to my students through my RELATIONSHIP with them and by teaching them to be critical thinkers rather than just doing memorized tasks. Stick with it! You're making a difference in the lives of your students...you really really are and THAT is what matters. :) HAHA I may need this same pep talk in a couple of weeks from you!