Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Gunslinger. (my version)

It was a hot day out in the desert. Packing only a water hose, the hero wandered the desert, looking for people in distress.

He happened upon a lonely princess, who was on the verge of sunstroke. The Gunslinger knew exactly how to help- he quickly pulled out the waterhose, making sure to take precise aim.  But there was an evil King holding the girl captive!  Our gunslinger fought him off bravely...

..and managed to cool off the princess just in time.

They played together for the rest of the day, promising that they would remain friends forever.

Another damsel saved. All in a day's work for our Gunslinger.
Have a happy ending!


Merry said...

Love the the photo story!

Pixiewe aka Nicole said...

This was awesome and you know your hubby kinda looks like Jesse James - YUMMY!!!

Kristen Mintz said...

Hee hee! Thanks Nicole! He has actually been asked for an autograph before- someone thought he was James Hetfeild (from Metalica). Love it.

Anonymous said...

Great job with these, Kristen. This is duhdad on IG. Great blog too.

Kristen Mintz said...

Hi Dudad! Thanks for checking out my blog!! :) you are so sweet!