Monday, June 06, 2011

Minty Fresh Monday: Little Wing

Mint. (adj.) meaning new, fresh, sweet, brilliant, awesome.

Well, dear fans, it has been a while.  The last month of teaching always proves to be the most difficult and hectic, leaving me with very little energy to work on the things I love, like photography and blogging.  My apologies.  But I'm back! And for those of you who have been enjoying my Minty Fresh series, I've decided to make it a weekly thing.  My Minty Fresh posts have been about sharing quick photography tips, and I will continue doing so.  I'm going to switch it up every now and then and also introduce you to brilliant people, and new discoveries. 

Today, I'd like to share something that is close to my heart.  My husband is an AMAZING musician, and is an up-and-coming film maker.  He recently finished a project that I'd like to share here- his first animated short, called Little Wing: Descent.  Our 4 year old daughter debuts in the role of Lilly Wane (aka Little Wing).

Little Wing: Descent from Matt Mintz on Vimeo.

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