Saturday, March 05, 2011

Name Necklace Giveaway!

There's nothing I like more than free stuff.  Well, there is you, of course, my dear minty fresh fan.  Wait!  I could put those two things together!!!  Yes!

Thank you fans! You've helped me reach one of my first goals, and in honor of that, I'm giving away something fun.  It's a fabulous necklace, made just for you.  You choose what you'd like it to say- it doesn't need to say your name.  Maybe something a bit more you. Like: "fabulous", "foxy", "brilliant." You get to tell me what color you'd like it to be, too! Here is a photo or two:

To be perfectly clear, this necklace is made from Shrinky Dinks (remember those?), and will be attached to a ball chain for wear. (You get to tell me how long you'd like it!)

The way to win this contest is simple.  Leave one comment below, telling me that you are a fan of Kristen Mintz Photography. (I will be checking! Of course, if you aren't a fan yet, all you have to do is become one by clicking "like" on my page.) I'd love you to let me know what you would want your necklace to look like, so let me know in your comment!
I will be drawing names out of a hat (Yes, I know!!!  What a brilliant system, right?) next Friday.  So you have a few days to enter!
Good luck!


Megan millas said...

I'm a fan of yours Kristen!! I like that you are doing something you love!!! Megan

Wendee said...

I am a huge fan! You are so talented!
=) Wendee

jennellmason said...

I'm a fan, 'cuz you're awesome!
<3, Jennifer

Lindsey said...

I liked you on FB....Love your work! Not sure what I'd want the necklace to say yet...Expecting baby #2 in June and no name determined...Or do I give this cute necklace as a gift????

Becki Schuurman said...

I'm definitely a fan - sure wish we were closer so you could do some family photos for us!!