Monday, April 11, 2011


Happy Monday, my friends!  I wanted to show you- my lovely readers- what I've been working on this weekend.  You see, I FINALLY figured out how to make my own cards and templates in Photoshop.  Up until now, I've been using templates made by other (very talented) people, and have been really happy with them.  It's so easy to put my own photos in, change colors and fonts, and presto! I have a beautiful card. 
But I really wanted to start making my own from scratch, and after finding lots of beautiful papers and patterns from all around the interned, I figured out how to make my own templates. Here is a peek at my first three cards, which will be on sale soon in my Etsy shop.

Tell me what you think!  I'd love some feedback. 
Have a fantastic week- xo,

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Pixiewe aka Nicole said...

They are beautiful! As always so talented :D