Thursday, December 18, 2008


First, a little background. Our darling daughter truly enjoys thinking that she is a grown up. She isn't even two yet, which makes me really worry about what her teen years will be like. Ha Ha, I think we are in for it. Whatever she does, she will always try to do it by herself. She enjoys trying to drink her daddy's coffee, or whatever we are drinking. (Which reminds me of when I was little- I used to steal my dad's drink so often that it is still a running joke between us, and now I tell my daughter to steal from him too. He loves it.)
When we sit down to eat at a restaurant, one of the ways we can actually keep her sitting is by offering her the ice in one of our drinks. "Ice" is now one of her top words.

Now that you have the background, on to our story. We have been snowed in for two days now. it was a little fun and exciting at first, but we are all starting to go a little stir crazy. Remember "The Shining?" Ok, nothing that bad, LOL. So last night, we busied ourselves by making a fire while eating dinner. My husband, Matt had the brilliant idea to open the door, break off a gigantic icicle, and give it to our little ice-lover. She totally went to town on that thing, and we finally had to break it into a smaller chunk so she wouldn't freeze to death eating the thing. Her little hands and cheeks were bright red. Such a perfect way to end the evening!

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becca.elpy said...

that's darling. and the photos are excellent. lilly's gonna have some great ones to look at when she's older. :)
p.s. i can't believe she's almost two.