Friday, July 16, 2010

this is the end.

Well, the end of my 365 with Jack.  :) 
I definitely plan on doing another 365 (a picture a day) that will focus on my daily life.  So it will include Jack, Lilly, Matt, my job, my messy house.... it should be fun.  I really love the challenge of picking up a camera every day and creating art.  Here is Jack's 365, and in case you missed it, this is Lilly's 365.  When I look at the two sets, I can really see how I've grown as a photographer- thank heavens! 
If you've ever done a 365, I'd love to see it!  Just leave your link in the comments! 

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Tiffany Payment said...

It's so hard to believe he is a year.
Love you guys...hope too meet you in 2011!