Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If I can get through this flight, I can do anything.

That's what I was thinking about an hour before our trip.  You don't want to know what I was thinking during the trip.  Just trust me on that one.

I've made the trip before.  Lots of times.  I have moved an inconvenient 3,000 miles from my family, but I make the trip from California to New Jersey as often as I can.  Things got a little more complicated when I added a husband.  And even more so now that we have a 4 year old (just turned 4 on the 6th!) and an 18 month old.  Our 4 year old is and always has been absolutely perfect on airplanes. Sure, she would want to get up and walk around a bit, but she has never made a peep.  People would look at Matt and I as though we were heroes.  We'd soak it in, thinking, "Yes. We are the model parents. After all, we are fabulous. Of course our children are bound to be utterly awesome."
We haven't been so lucky with our 17 month old. Especially now that he wants to walk and move everywhere.  He screams and cries because he hates being made to sit still for so long, and even when he's being held, it's a fight. Now we're the parents who every one stares at.  I feel like I can try everything in the book with him, and he still feels so sad that he has to be forced to be on this machine flying in the sky for the next 6 hours.  I want to offer him up to the staring people and say, "You want to give it a whirl? Go for it." Because nothing works.  Not until he sleeps.  And then of course, he wants to be held the whole time.  But it's back-wrenching heaven, I tell you.

So, back to my first thought; "if I can get through this plane ride, I can do anything." 

I'm making goals for myself this year, and I'm going to keep myself accountable to them.  I'm going put my goals on a giant piece of paper, and add a call to action on each and every one of them.  I'm going to have a check in with myself at the end of each month to see the progress I've made.  Right now, my goals are pretty broad, but I know that whatever I choose to focus on, I'll be able to do. I'm the master of my fate.

Some goals I'm choosing:
-Eat better.  Have 3 green drinks per week.  
-Exercise.  This should be easy since I got "Just Dance 2."  I love that game!
-Keep a cleaner home.  Make a schedule of when cleaning needs to happen, and do something "big" once a week.
-Cook more often.  I love cooking, but I always feel too tired to do it.  Last year, I made a menu for the entire month, and it really helped with planning.  I'm going to go back to it. 
-Get my business license.  I really want to be up and running for the new year.  I plan on doing at least one craft fair, and I have the most fabulous idea for a booth.  *not telling*.  :)
-Save more $$.  This one is important because I'm not getting a paycheck in August due to a change in my district's schedule.
-Blog more often.  I'd like to blog about 2 times a week.  Maybe more!

This is just to name a few...  Stay tuned.  Feel free to share your goals- I'd love to hear how you are making them happen!!!  Maybe we can help each other stay accountable!!

oh, and here are some pretty pictures for you to look at. :)



Merry said...

Just give me a call, I'll be happy to fly with you guys, anytime! Your resolutions are admirable. You're a wonderful wife and mommy...love you!

Kristen Mintz said...

ha ha! you really don't know what you just signed yourself up for :)

Matt Mintz said...

you can do it, p. as long as those are things your heart genuinely wants, you will find the strength!