Thursday, January 27, 2011

Minty Fresh. #2.

Mint. (adj.) meaning new, fresh, sweet, brilliant, awesome.

I've decided that I want to try to include a weekly installment on my blog- just a little tutorial. So although this is the second "Minty Fresh" post, (here is the first) it will mark the first of the tutorial series.  I want to encourage you to share your shots with me, so please use the linky tool on the bottom of the page, or go ahead and leave a link in the comments! 

So for your first tutorial, I want you to look for the extraordinary today. Or look at the world in an extra ordinary way... think of it as being "minty-fresh." :)

Sometimes a great portrait doesn't have to include a face. Remember, a portrait is just a way of telling a story about a person. Go ahead and use that husband, kid, or dog of yours as a little experiment.  Grab your camera and just hang out with them.  Let them talk, play and explore.  Keep your eyes open for things that they do; little motions they make with their hands, messes they get into... Try to capture moments without getting their face in the shot! It's fun!

I'll share with you some of my favorites...

Have fun! 


Kristen Mintz said...

#2 entry- I clicked your photo, but it takes me back to this blog post- would you mind leaving a link in the comments? I'd love to see your photo!

Kristine said...
Sorry about that. I knew I did it wrong. LOL!