Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fan Photo Assignment #1

I decided to try something new, and ask my friends and family for some help.  I asked my friends and fans to give me a photo assignment, which I needed to complete by this Saturday.  I got lots of answers, and someone jokingly said I should try to incorporate everything into one photo.  I thought that would actually be quite a fun challenge.
The suggestions were as follows: love, hope for kids, spirals, yellow, things that swim, a rainbow, and age. The suggestion from my friend Mike, "hope for kids" really got my brain working.  What do kids hope for? What do they dream of? And two things immediately popped into my head:

1.  I have been quite inspired by Adele Enerson, who I think is brilliant.  Have you seen her Mila's Daydream blog? You must.  Go now.  I'll wait.

2.  Peter Pan.  There's a short story here.  I have to read my 6 and 3 year old to sleep every other night, and I'm getting really bored with the normal children's books.  Ugh, especially those awful Barbie books. (Have you read those? Utterly Un-readable.) So, I decided to download a free version of Peter and Wendy by JM Barrie to my iPhone. The kids LOVED it.  Well, the three year old often fell asleep during the chapters, but he loved what he heard.  Anyway, after we finished the book, we watched the Disney movie, and the house has been filled Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tiger Lilly,and all the other scally-wags ever since.

I had this picture in my head, and thanks to some help from the hubby and two very willing participants, here is what we made.

 There is no rainbow (it's in Neverland, and they haven't gotten there yet...) But I think everything else can be seen from my list.  Love, Hope for Kids, Spirals, Yellow, Things That Swim (swim through the air?), and age. Can you spot them all?

Thank you friends. This was so much fun!!! This was my very first "styled" shoot, and I'm going to attempt another in a few weeks!
xo, Kristen


Wendee said...

Oh my gosh I love this so much!!! SO much!!!!

Wendy Wallace said...

Kristen, love your blog and your photos.

I don't know if the link will work, but your photo reminded me of this photo. The photographer draws a scene on the pavement and has the people fill in the story ..so to speak. I thought it wold be a cool art lesson to do ...but love it as a family photo.