Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's my birthday today! 9-11-10

Today is my birthday!  And my twin sister's, and my favorite cousin's!  I'm tuning 370 years old today.  ok, so I only feel like it's 370.  It's really just 37, but when you go to bed at 6 pm the night before your birthday, you tend to feel a little older than 37.  My birthday has been and always will be special to me, no matter what.  I LOVE that I have always gotten to share it with my fantastic sister.  I love the cake, the excuse to eat ice cream and chips and hotdogs all at once, and (I hate to admit it) the presents!!!!! I remember having a sleepover party while listening to Michael Jackson's newest album, "Thriller" and the year all we wanted was Cabbage Patch dolls.  Be quiet.  I already told you I feel old.
This year (as well as last year), my hubby is in Vegas with his buddies- doing a fantasy football thing.  So that leaves me here, by myself with my two adorable children.  Both of them are feeling a little under the weather, so my plans to drag them to the beach went flying out the window.  That's ok.  Matt is going to win me a million dollars this weekend, and the kiddos are going to let me be lazy.  But I still need a little somethin'-somethin' from you guys.  How about a birthday contest? Yeah?

Beginning today, September 11th, submit a photo of you on your birthday and tell me what you LOVE about your birthday. To submit a photo, either email it to or post it on my facebook fanpage under fan photos- the album labeled "Brithday 37 contest." The winner will receive a $75 credit toward their session. (pricing is to the left.)
Here are the details:

* One entry per person.
* You must be 18 or older.
* Picture can not be from another professional photographer.
* Photos will be accepted until next Saturday, September 18th 9pm Pacific time..
* Contest is open to everyone!!


* All entries will be uploaded into an album on my fanpage.
* To vote for a photo you MUST "like" Kristen Mintz Photography on facebook.
*Get your friends to vote for you!  (they must "like" Kristen Mintz Photography as well.)
* Click "like" for the photo you are voting for in the album labeled birthday 37 contest.
* Photo with the most "likes" will be the winner. Comments permitted, but WILL NOT count
towards the total number of votes.
* I will verify that all "likes" of the winning photo come from my facebook fans. "Likes" from non-fans will not be counted.
*Voting will close on Saturday, September 25th at 9 pm Pacific.
* Offical winner will be notified and announced no later than Sunday, September 26th!

Please post any questions you have in the comments section of the blog and I will be happy to answer them. I look forward to seeing all the entries!!

happy birthday toooo meeeeee (and my sister and my cousin)!
love, Kristen

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