Wednesday, September 01, 2010

fun family photography

Meet the Donovans.  Fun beyond belief.  Jen went to high school with me, and was probably the first one of my old friends to jump on the bandwagon when she heard that I was going to be in New Jersey for a week.  She's strong in so many ways, brilliant, and just gorgeous.  

 I swear, her boys were SO MUCH FUN!  They played outside for a bit even though it was unbelievably hot just so I could get some photos. 

When we snuck inside, they showed off their dance moves for me!  Oh, my dog- HI-LA-RI-OUS. Seriously.  I have made her promise to have a play date with us the next time we are in the same state because I know my three year old would just adore them. 
Thanks Jen and Brian for sharing these little guys with me for a while! 

love, Kristen


J. Skye said...

You can only have fun shoots if you have a fun photog! Kristen is great and her creativity and eye for beauty blows my mind. Thank you Kristen for capturing what I see in my boys each day on film that I will cherish forever!

Can't wait to book you in the winter- we need to teach Lilly and Jack about snowball fights!

julie said...

I love, love, love number 2 and number 3. Great shots!